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I am an experienced Sharepoint Developer that has focused his career in enterprise web portals, both internal and external. Through my experience I've had the unique opportunity to get to know deep details of the Microsoft Web Platform, from the operating system’s lever towards the frontend. Among others, I'm skilled in farm sizing, setup and deployment, systems administration, load and communications testing, LOBs integration, backend (data storage and business processes) development and UI/UX. Nevertheless and because I believe other technologies and methodologies can bring much to an already established working pattern, I try to learn as much as I can from everywhere. Currently I'm trying to build in Ruby on Rails and next I'm sure I'll mess with Django and I'm very keen to try Xamarin for an app or two. I have a master’s degree in Software Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering – University of Porto.


2011 Accenture Technology Solutions, Lisbon
presentSoftware Engineering Senior Analyst
Client Delivery & Operations.

promoted from Analyst in 2013

promoted from Associate in 2012


2015PT ComunicaçõesC# and VB .NET developer
This was a small project built upon some legacy code. The company had done and complete a project circa 2010 and the client ordered a new feature for this very application. The point was to give their stores the ability to link their payment terminals to the store application so that, in one hand, the operator would not have to manually enter the ammount in the terminal, and in the other, so that all the transaction records and receipts would be stored digitally and printed alongside the invoice (instead of in a separate paper). Some pieces of this project were coded in VB and some others in C#. This feature had me working in the entire codebase so I've coded the webservice method in VB and the payment terminal communication system in C# (the terminals use a very proprietary protocol and receive commands either through USB or sockets).
2015Via Livrefrontend & backend developer
I got involved with this project from the point where the remainder of the team (coming from a SAP background) was not sure that SharePoint was the answer for the client's needs. There were two main problems to solve: to create a reliable document center and to create a portal that would provide tolling support inside the company and to the governmental entities. It was developed in SharePoint 2013 with some help of ADO.NET and an Oracle ODBC driver.
2014Sonangol Distribuidorateam leader & developer
ongoingThis was your typical migration project. The client had an old portal built upon SharePoint 2007 and wanted to brush it up for the current web. So the point was to build it with a new design, make it mobile-ready and add some new features that were long desired in the old site. My role started to be looking at the old site and the new requirements, then plan and estimate the build. Then I got assigned as the team's leader and we are currently about to go live with the new portal in the forthcoming weeks. The design was outsourced but was integrated onto the portal by our team. It is built upon SharePoint 2013.
2014Galp Energiateam leader & developer
2015The client had once a company surveys portal, to assess various aspects of the employees stand upon their work environment and satisfaction. Our task was to create a new, more versatile and easy to maintain surveys portal. This time, the client had an already deployed SharePoint 2010 farm and our application was to be added to that farm. It was entirely custom-built as the SharePoint native surveys features were insufficient for what was intended. It features launching surveys with personalized introductions and instructions, user anonymity as of the survey administrator's standpoint (the link between the user and the data is a MD5 hash, everything is saved with a system account), offline answers (an excel template with the questions of that specific survey and the instructions for filling) and automatic data extraction (joins the various data saving points into a single excel book) for further data mining.
2011EDPbackend developer
2014This was my first SharePoint project. An ambitious one for starters. The point was to build the client's intranet portal, a viewpoint for all employees. It was built to support three languages, what spawned three entire interconnected site structures, plus three homepages and a lot of localization and internationalization. It was prepared to be used in Portugal, Brazil, Spain, the UK and the US. There were separate site trees for each of the client's sub-companies, plus big areas for the entire group. So there were resources (like news or images or documents, or even access to certain pages that granted access to other services) that would be presented to the user based on his working company and location. Then it had an enormous social stream. Each worker had a personal site with a personal blog and public and private documents and images. The general user profile page was extended with added components which integrated data from this personal site like showing his blog when another user visits his profile or having a list of links to show on the homepage. The user profile scheme was too extended with a lot of information coming from SAP HR, keeping the portal in sync with the latest changes in the worker's data. Finally it had big collaboration aspects where employees would deploy a massive customised site collection, add some co-workers and use it to share and work together on projects, leisure events or company discussions. During these three years my roles varied. I started as an infrastructure apprentice, helped install the test and production farms. Then since I started in infra, I got to deal with the backend: development environments, deploy procedures, site structure spawns, custom workflows, permission tree maintenance, etc. Later I added to what I did the responsibility of expanding and integrating the user profile service, having it integrated with SAP and managing changes both in Active Directory and SAP (some of which were concurrent). Later I got to load and communication test the application, asserting its capability to withstand at least 500 concurrent users heavily working on it and testing it from Lisbon, Madrid, São Paulo, Palmas and Houston. Finally, after the go live, I integrated the maintenance team, helping correcting bugs and adding new features. Later I was tasked with delivering the project to the project and to another consulting firm, preparing and handling all KT tasks.


2006 M.Sc. in Computer Science and Software Engineering
2011 Faculty of Engineering – University of Porto
Specializations: Computer games development, Critical Systems, Mobile Computing, Machine Learning, Robotics, Software Security


2011Uncalibrated stereo vision applied to breast cancer treatment aesthetic assessment
Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering of Porto
Breast Cancer Conservative Treatment (BCCT) is the most well-established method of treatment used around the world for an attempted remission of breast cancer. These treatments have evolved so as to provide the patient with similar life expectancy as that of other, more radical methods. So, now the attention is turning towards the assessment of the aesthetical results of this type of treatments, to identify key variables that could be changed in order to achieve a better overall outcome. This work tries to use state-of-the-art algorithms for stereo matching in an attempt to recreate 3D models from patient’s breasts that were subject to breast cancer conservative treatment. Those models will provide an increase in the accuracy of measurements that influence the assessment of the Breast Cancer Conservative Treatment aesthetic result, improving the Breast Cancer Conservative Treatment.cosmetic result software developed in INESC Porto.


Based in Lisbon


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Ruby on Rails

functional & technical expertise

Backend and frontend developer

System and user requirements assessment,

analysis and modelling

Team leading

Systems administrator

Migration expert

Task automation expert


Keen to learn

Fast and practical learning

Team spirit


Technologically driven


Visual thinker



Got into a regional philharmonic band’s school when I was very young (10yo) learning the clarinet, and never really got out. Went up the ladder from apprentice, going through the years as clarinet introducer, apprentice teacher, soloist and section master. Currently I am the concert’s head, plus I am responsible for marketing and communications.

Remarkable moments: organized a tour to Azores single-handed, the band’s restructuration and currently organizing the band’s 150th anniversary celebration.

Currently studying at the Lisbon's Metropolitan Conservatoire.